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Our Team


The Kenekt Digital Team

Terry Mickelson - Chief Digital Officer, Founder

Terry Mickelson

Providing services and solutions for clients is my sole focus. My passion for success is what drives me to ensure that clients are being found online at the right time by their prospects and customers.

I am considered a pioneer and authority in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). I have over two decades of experience. I founded Page Views Inc. in 1998 and have since written numerous articles and lectured at various industry conferences and gatherings, including the Arizona Software Association. My expertise in search engine optimization brings a unique approach to the methodology of linking social media and building communities to create an online marketing strategy. Today, a good part of my day is spent researching and implementing AI strategies to increase ROI for customer campaigns.

My off-site strategy involves generating conversations and building deep links within a dominant authority-building community. This strategy has been proven to build top rankings in SERPs and to keep those rankings for a long time, even against aggressive competition. Many business owners and organizations consider my extensive experience and expertise a valuable asset. Almost any organization looking to improve its online presence through effective search engine optimization and online strategies can benefit from my forward-thinking, experienced, and consultive approach.

When I’m not hunched over a computer, I can be found volunteering at one of several veteran and community organizations. I also enjoy motorcycle touring (its a Honda!), Woodworking (mostly rocking horses), bicycling, or flyfishing (saltwater and trout/steelhead).

Logan Walker - Content Manager

Hey there! I’m Logan Walker, and I’m happy to meet you. As the content manager at Kenekt Digital, I specialize in creating social media content to reach more potential customers and creating copy for websites and blogs that boosts SEO and engages readers. Social media is about psychology and sociology and incorporating that into genuine content.

My clients trust me to deliver the best, and I take pride in exceeding their expectations. I’m a naturally optimistic person, which is why I enjoy working with people. Whether brainstorming new ideas or collaborating on projects, I thrive on the energy of working in a team. My organizational skills and attention to detail ensure that every project is completed on time and to the highest standard.

Logan Walker

You can find me exploring the great outdoors when I’m not working. I’m a big fan of physical activities, especially watersports like wakeboarding and kayaking. Being in nature and getting a workout is my way of recharging, and it helps me stay focused and energized during the workweek.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite people. “It’s your outlook on life that counts. If you take yourself lightly and don’t take yourself too seriously, pretty soon, you can find humor in your everyday lives. And sometimes it can be a lifesaver.” – Betty White

Chunuk Gajbhiye - Project Manager

Chunuk Gajbhiye

I’m a highly motivated and experienced person with extensive knowledge in handling customers and building strong client relationships. With a Master’s in Business Administration, I bring a unique blend of business acumen and a customer-centric approach to every project.

With my vast experience in customer service and client relationship management, I understand the importance of communication, collaboration, and attention to detail in every project. I pride myself on developing strong relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and delivering solutions that exceed their expectations.

Beyond my professional expertise, I am passionate about reading fiction novels and exploring new worlds through the written word. I also enjoy pot decoration in my free time and use my creativity to bring new life to everyday objects. Additionally, I love traveling and immersing myself in new cultures and experiences that provide me with unique insights and perspectives to apply to my work.

I am a dedicated and driven professional who always seeks new challenges and opportunities to grow and develop my skills. My creativity, strategic thinking, and technical expertise make me confident, and I can help any business succeed in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Oshin Rangari - Social Media Specialist

Hi, I’m Oshin, a creative social media specialist with a degree in computer engineering. I combine my technical knowledge with my passion for creativity to develop social media campaigns that are both effective and engaging.

As a social media specialist, I constantly seek new and innovative ways to engage with audiences and deliver results for my clients.

I love indulging in other passions when not working on campaigns. I am passionate about photography and enjoy capturing moments and memories through my lens. I also love playing guitar in my free time (although I admit that my guitar-playing skills are still a work in progress)

With my technical expertise, creativity, and diverse interests, I have helped numerous brands succeed on social media. I am passionate about my work and committed to assisting my clients to stand out in the crowded digital space.



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