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Our Story


The Kenekt Digital Team

Our organization has a group of dedicated workers and only the most dependable vendors who have made a name for themselves over the course of time and are now a vital part of the Kenekt Digital Team. We would be very pleased if you chose us to assist you with your upcoming online projects. The components of a digital marketing campaign necessitate a variety of specialized skills, which no individual can provide on their own. 

We have put together an expert team of specialists who use the most reliable techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to boost your brand, create leads and interact with customers. The multiple services we provide each deliver their own results, but if they are used in conjunction with each other, the outcomes can be extraordinary. These outcomes will take your business to a whole new level.

At our digital marketing agency, we have a dedicated team of professionals as well as a long list of reliable and experienced contractors we have collaborated with over the years. Thanks to our comprehensive network, you don’t have to deal with multiple companies for the marketing services you need—we’re your one-stop solution

Kenekt Digital Team

Our Story

In 1995, we began our online journey as Above Ground Industries, focusing primarily on consulting and training services. Over time, the company’s focus shifted to search engine optimization. In 2008, the company incorporated as Page Views Inc., which became a pioneer in the SEO industry. However, as the industry evolved, Linkedin started in 2002, and Myspace was right on its heels, search engines started to prioritize localized results. , the name Page Views became outdated. 
In response to the changing market, in 2006 Web Presence Group LLC. d.b.a. Get Found Local was formed to adapt to the growing trend of localized searches. With the advent of Facebook in 2008, the name Get Found Local was already showing signs of age. Because of our focus on local businesses, we clung to the name because local search was a big part of our offerings. 
Finally, in 2023, the company has rebranded as a d.b.a. of Web Presence Group LLC. as Kenekt Digital. This new brand is designed to help businesses connect with prospects, engage customers, and grow their business in the ever-changing digital landscape. The New Kenekt Digital logo symbolizes Growth and New Beginnings. The Plant represents growth and development, while the stylized sun in the background represents warmth, positivity, and energy. These combined elements show we are focused on growth, innovation, and positive outcomes.
Our goal is to help businesses build meaningful connections with their prospects, customers, and former customers. We offer marketing solutions tailored to engage customers throughout their journey, from initial outreach to post-purchase loyalty. Our services are designed to increase online visibility and website traffic, enhance outreach success, foster customer loyalty, and win back lost customers.
Kenekt Digital
Open & Honest Communications

We are a part of your team. The value we bring is in assisting your business to meet its objectives. No excuses. Just results.

Results Driven

If we are not producing results for you, you will question why we are doing business together. Yes there will be setbacks. We have the experience and resolve to overcome setbacks and produce exceptional results.

We Think Big

We strive to do the best job we can for you. Sometimes that means we need to be big and bold – bring ideas that seem out of reach. But how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. (for the record we don’t eat endangered animals. Some of us don’t eat meat at all)

We Love what we do

Our little team loves to have fun. Sometimes we take an approach that’s a little different from most but we never lose site of what’s important. – Measurable Results for your business.

Ever the Student

An old saying about the internet is the only constant is change. It is our duty, to stay abreast of change and transfer our knowledge to your companies’ success.

Stay Positive & Humble

We have been in the digital marketing world for a long time and one of the lessons we bring with us from the 90’s is that we don’t know it all. About anything. We know what we know, we know what we don’t know but we are also smart enough to know that we don’t know what we don’t know. It’s just that simple.

Always transparent

Stuff happens. When it does you don’t want lies or excuses. Truth happens and that’s what you get from us.


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